EMF Scanning

Due to numerous client requests, PEBMAC now offers scanning for many types of ElectroMagnetic Fields (EMF).


Smart meters, cell phones and towers, wi-fi base stations...these are just a few of the items in or near your home that might be putting out radiation at levels that are of growing concern. 

Are you worried about EMF? Should you be? We don't know. We've read a lot about it, and what we do know is that there is growing evidence that something is going on that we don't understand. More importantly, we know that our clients are concerned about it, because they keep asking us. 

Did you know that the “safe” limit for EMF set by the  FCC is 5,000 times higher than from the equivalent authority in Austria? The World Health Organization now acknowledges that there may be a link between EMF and some types of cancer, but they don't know how. The Bioinitiative consortium did a metastudy of over 1,800 different research papers and claim that study after study reports a strong link between EMF and a variety of health issues ranging from minor to deadly. The EPA, on the other hand, says that the BioInitiative Report is bad science, and they don't need to set limits at all because it's all safe. Who do you trust?

The truth is, none of these statistics mean anything if you don't know what your exposure is in the first place.


We'll use industry certified equipment to measure the most common types of EMF radiation throughout your home or business. We'll give you a comprehensive breakdown on what we found, along with information about what it all might mean, in a way you can understand. 

Unlike the other guys, we don't sell products to "remediate" EMF. That way, you know you can trust the information we give you.

Ask us for more information about what we do, why we're doing it, and whether it might be something you're interested in.