A New Service from PEBMAC

There's a very good chance you could be causing distress to your pet (and possibly yourself) and not even know it. 


Did you know that LED lights, power supplies, light dimmers, cheap electronics, and other items can generate high frequencies at loud volumes? You may not be able to hear it, but your pet's hearing is much better than yours, and these sounds can be a common cause of anxiety and distress. 

If you’re a pet owner like I am, you consider your pets a part of the family, and are concerned about their happiness and well being. Unfortunately, you may be causing your pets great discomfort without even knowing it. 


We have an increasing number of items in our homes which generate sounds at frequencies much higher than we can hear. These can produce buzzing or humming sounds that are outside of the human hearing range, but well within the hearing range of your pet. Humans can hear sounds up to 15-20 kHz, but a dog can hear up to 40 kHz, and cats can hear up to 65 kHz! Not only can they hear higher frequencies, but their ears are much more sensitive than ours—a dog’s hearing is around five times more sensitive than ours, and a cat’s is ten times more.


Imagine if your neighbor’s car horn was honking 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Now imagine it inside your house.
This could be what you’re unknowingly subjecting your pets to.


PEBMAC has specialized equipment that enables us to test for and locate ultrasonic frequencies up to 130 kHz. Some recent research indicates these sounds may affect humans as well (even though we can't hear them), so even if you don't have pets this service can be helpful. 


We can go through your home to check for these hidden sources, and offer suggestions on ways to alleviate the problem. As far as we know this is a unique service, and unfortunately not many seem to be aware of this issue

We want to keep you and your pets happy and healthy! Ask us about it next time you see us, or contact us if you'd like to have us come out.