Tips: Cruising the Amazon

Amazon is becoming an increasingly important resource for many people. I've personally gone from occasionally ordering a book or DVD to now buying things like detergents and other consumables on a frequent basis. Amazon is also a great resource for doing price shopping to make sure you're not overpaying for something.

Unfortunately there have been an increasing number of stories lately about Amazon being replete with counterfeit products and fake reviews, both of which can greatly reduce Amazon's utility.

Here's a couple quick things you can do to improve your Amazon experience. First of all, download the Amazon app to your phone if you haven't already. Now, if you're out and about and curious about a new product (does it get good reviews? How much does it cost online? Etc), you can Force Touch on the app icon and you'll get a few options, one of which is Scan It (if your phone doesn't have Force Touch, open the app and click the camera icon next to the search bar). Select that, and the camera on your phone will turn into a barcode scanner you can use to scan the product you're interested in and go straight to the listing on Amazon.

Now that you've found the product, you want to make sure the reviews are legitimate. Here's a USB-C cable that has excellent ratings that I was interested in, but the ratings were suspiciously good for a fly-by-night Chinese branded cable. Head on over to, where you can put in a URL or product name and Fakespot will analyze the reviews based on a number of criteria. Uh oh, looks like that USB-C cable has an F rating—chances are most of the reviews are fake. Looks like I'll go ahead and get my cable from again.

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