Apple Keynote Wrap-Up

Apple had their big Keynote this morning and announced a number of new things (well, new if you haven't been following the rumor sites). Here's a quick recap:

Apple TV 4K - A no-brainer if you have a 4K TV, an unnecessary upgrade if you don't. The bigger news is that if you have purchased HD movies from iTunes in the past, they will automatically be upgraded for free to 4K versions when available.

Apple Watch Series 3 - Adds cellular capability (optional) to allow you to make phone calls and such without your phone. Improved GPS and faster wi-fi.

iPhone 8/8 Plus - Typical updates. Improved camera, improved screen, louder speakers, improved speed, better battery life. Same price as previous models. New models have a glass back to allow wireless charging (which will require you to place it on an optional pad for charging wirelessly—you can still plug it in to charge if you prefer). Pre-orders start on 9/15, and ship on 9/22.

iPhone X - Apple's big news, the new "pro" model iPhone. A little bit larger than the current iPhone (smaller than the Plus), but with an "edge-to-edge" screen that brings it up to 5.8" diagonal size, which is actually greater than the Plus. A new dual camera on the front supports FaceID, which unlocks with your face instead of using TouchID (which many of our older customers have had trouble with). Dramatically improved screen. Dramatically faster processor. We haven't been really excited about new iPhones in a long while, but we're excited about the X (pronounced "ten") and we'll be ponying up the extra for it. $999 for 64GB, $1149 for 256GB. Pre-orders start on 10/27 and ship 11/3.

Apple will also be releasing iOS 11 and watchOS 4 on 9/1, and macOS 10.13 on 9/25, free for all users.

We are very curious to know more about FaceID. TouchID was an improvement over entering your passcode and saved time even on the occasions when it didn't work on the first couple tries, but for people who have issues with dry hands, or people who use lotions or wash their hands a lot, TouchID was unreliable at best and useless at worst. FaceID looks to be more reliable (despite the hiccup during the Keynote), and much more secure as well. Apple stores all of your face data on the phone, so people concerned about privacy can rest easy on that front.

Apple is also taking advantage of the FaceID cameras to allow you to create animated emojis, or "animojis," that will map your facial expressions onto an emoji. No self-respecting tween will be caught using the old-style static emojis, so expect to be asked to pony up for your kids this Christmas.

Although Apple didn't mention it, dual cameras open up the possibility for 3D photographs. We imagine that Apple will likely allow app developers to access them in this way—if not, then you can be guaranteed that Apple is going to do it themselves. That will be big news for us camera buffs, but we'll have to wait and see.

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