Security Alert: KRACK WPA 2 Vulnerability

What It Is: A hacker recently discovered a vulnerability in the WPA2 encryption scheme which is used by all modern wireless networks.

How Does It Work: It allows a hacker who is within range of the wifi network to potentially gain access to the network without a password and look at all information being transferred.

Threat Severity: Moderate. It would require the attacker to be within range of your network. This is likely more of a concern if you are away from home and connecting to an external network, but in those cases your data is already somewhat vulnerable since you don't control the network.

What You Need To Do: Update all of your devices including network routers and modems to the most recent software or firmware version available. For Apple devices, update to the latest version from Apple through software update. For network devices, it depends on the model and manufacturer—check online, or call us if you have questions.

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