Net Neutrality is Done

The FCC just announced that they're abandoning rules to protect what's called "net neutrality." If you're confused by what net neutrality means, you're not alone, and the reason why is because the companies fighting against it spent huge amounts of money to make sure you couldn't understand what was going on.

What it means is that you're likely going to start paying money to access certain websites and services. Want to go to Pay your internet service provider extra for the "entertainment" package. How about CNN? Sorry, that's an additional $3 a month, but gee, is free!

This isn't propaganda or hyperbole, either. Here's what it currently looks like in Portugal, where they have no regulations of net neutrality (screenshot from rokhanna):

Just remember, the next time a politician talks about how regulation is hurting business, they don't mean the guy on the corner, the mean the guy in the penthouse; the guy on the corner is usually the one who is being protected by the regulations.

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