Whither Went What Where?

You may have noticed that PEBMAC is not currently listed on the Apple Consultants Network locator. Apple made major changes to the program's requirements at the beginning of 2018, and as of now PEBMAC has not met those requirements. I am working my tail off trying to get everything taken care of, but until then we aren't listed in the locator, although we are technically still members of the program. We are still in business, are still doing Mac support, and expect to be listed again within a couple weeks.

This is also typically a very busy time for PEBMAC, and since we're now half as staffed as we used to be, it's a challenge to be as responsive as I'd like. I've been working evenings and weekends trying to make sure I can keep people running smoothly, but I realize it means I can be difficult to reach at times (switching cellular providers and then finding out my voicemail was refusing messages didn't help matters!). I appreciate your patience, and if you're having trouble reaching me by phone (I'm often on-site, and may not get home until late in the evening) please send me an email via the form on this website, or send a text to my phone number (I'm not listing either in this post to try and cut down on the ever increasing spam I get!).

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