Apple's WWDC Keynote 2018 Wrap-up

The much-vaunted Apple WWDC Keynote took place yesterday. For those that don't know, this is the event where Apple typically unveils what's new for the coming year, including the next versions of their operating systems, as well as upcoming hardware. This year, Apple spent the entire keynote talking about new software, and appears to have saved the hardware for a different presentation.

Here's a very quick wrap-up on what's coming, and why you should care (this list is not intended to be comprehensive, but only focuses on the things I think my clients will be likely to use).

macOS Mojave

  • Dark Mode, to make it less straining to work on your Mac in low-light conditions, or if you're just broody.

  • Ability to make some file modifications without opening the file. Modify pictures, trim movies, edit PDFs, all from within the Finder.

  • New screenshot features.

  • Facetime video calls with up to 32 people.

  • Much better website tracking prevention, particularly from Facebook.

  • Better built-in password tools, and third-party password manager integration.

  • Speed and stability improvements.

iOS 12

  • Major speed enhancements, particularly on older hardware. This is the first time in Apple's history where your older device may run better with the latest iOS.

  • Screen time monitoring. Keep track of how much time you're spending on your device, and within specific apps. You can even set time limits (per app, per category, or per device). Most importantly, if you're using iCloud Family Sharing you'll be able to set limits for your kids and monitor how they're doing without needing to have access to their device. For example, you could set it so they can only use Instagram for 30 minutes a day, but they can access their school's website all day. This is something people have been clamoring about for years!

  • Siri Shortcuts will let you create a list of actions to perform when you ask Siri to do something specific. Tell Siri you're on your way home, and she can turn on the AC, send a message to your spouse, calculate your drivetime, and set your car stereo to play NPR.

  • Improved website privacy features to prevent websites from tracking you as easily.


  • Automatic starting and stopping of a workout. No more missing your goal because your forgot!

  • New workouts for things like hiking and yoga.

  • A walkie talkie for quick chatting with your friends and family.


  • Support for Dolby ATMOS.

  • Zero sign on to access services through your cable provider (only through Charter at launch, others coming later).

Public betas of both operating systems are expected to release at the end of June, with the official release likely in September.

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